• Making a 1100m trench for the sewage outlet in Torreblanca. Ditch of 2x2 in clay soil, sand and sandstone. For UTE Necso & Saneamientos Marítimos.
  • Verification, with topographical help, of the refurbishment and dock extension in the port of Burriana, for port service company (COPUT).
  • Demolition of 420m3 of stone (450kg/cm2 hardness) at a 4m depth in Benicarló for the port service company (COPUT).
  • Demolition of 500m3 of stone (550kg/cm2 hardness) at a 4m depth in Ceuta fishing port for the Ceuta port authority, Corsan & Saneamientos Marítimos SA.


  • Work the wharf extension including dredging, breakwater placement, gravel laying, underwater concrete injection, formwork placement, cable cutting and floating platform removal, removal of sunken vessels from seabed. Royal nautical club, Castellon. For Dragados & Construcciones SA.
  • Digging of 2x2 trench in muddy and clay terrain for outlet in Santa Pola (Alicante). For Corsan S.A. & Construcciones y reparaciones subacuáticas.
  • Demolition of 500m3 stone (hardness 550kg/cm2) at a depth of 5m in the fishing port of Ceuta. For the Ceuta port authority, Corsan S.A. & Sarmasa.
  • Digging a 950m outlet trench 2x2.5m. Laying 450mm diameter pipe, pit cover, joint reel, ballast placement. In Aveiro (Portugal), for F.C.C., Dragados, Sapol, Sarmasa.


  • Dredging next to blocks for their subsequent dismantling and advancement of new ones. Cleaning old blocks in order to be able to grip them. Placing the new 25 and 3 tonne new ones. Valencia, for UTE Puente móvil Dragados & Cyes.
  • Demolition of 2000m3 stone wall with rotary drum cutter, 3800m3 of sand pumped at a distance of 150m for beach regeneration and a storm drain outlet. Extraction of 1000m3 over a distance of 120m. San Carles de la Rapita (Tarragona) for San Carles council and the ministry of the environment.
  • Demolition of 550m3 stone wall with rotary drum cutter and then level out. In Tazacorte (La Palma), for Dragados & Construcciones SA.
  • Repair of 40m length of outlet, trench digging, pipe laying and concreting. In Puerto Naos (La Palma) for Canaragua SA.
  • Laying 520m of pipeline 315mm in diameter at a depth of 60m. Trench digging, pipe laying and concreting. In Brena Baja (La Palma). Work for Canaragua SA.


  • Santa Cruz de La Palma: Repair the port entrance buoys. Recovery of shipping containers washed out to sea by the strong wind for the port authority.
  • Bathymetry and filming of power plants on the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Las Palmas and Tenerife for the possible placement of fibre-optic cables. For UNESCO, working for Excasub SL.
  • Demolition of 850m3 of stone using rotary drum cutter, 550kg/cm2 hardness and demolition of various rocks with expansive mastic. In Tazacorte (La Palma) for Dragados & Construcciones SA.
  • Placement of anti-trawling units for underwater outlet 45-60m deep. In Naos port (Isla de La Palma), for Canaragua SA.
  • Dismantling of 6000m3 of stone breakwater with rocks of 500-4000kg up to 4m wide. Leveling the area, placement of mobile formwork and concreting. For the expansion of fishing pier in Tazacorte (La Palma). For Dragados & Construcciones SA.


  • 140m pipeline of 500mm diameter to provide water for Tazacorte (La Palma) port's swimming pool. Trench digging, pipe laying and concreting for Canaragua SA.
  • 380m pipeline of 450mm diameter for the ​​Goro (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) industrial area. Trench digging, pipe laying and concreting to a depth of 36m for Saneamientos Marítimos SA.
  • Expansion of the old quay in Tazacorte (La Palma). Withdrawal of 280 36tn blocks, disposal control and placement of 1040 36tn blocks. For ACS.
  • Repair of 40m fibre-optic cable for Telecom Canarias in Jinamar (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Trench digging, concreting and cable relaying. For Isolux SA.
  • Hardness testing of material to be extracted for possible placement of an outlet in San Bartolome de Tirajana (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). For Estudio7.
  • Flattening for Arinaga quay extension (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) and box placement. For UTE FCC and Santana Cazorla.


  • Extension of riverside quay and transverse at Orzola port (Lanzarote). For ACS.
  • Outlet made of polyethylene of cast iron, 350mm diameter 400m in length, trench digging, pipe laying and concreting, up-to 28m in depth. In Palm Mar (Tenerife). For Corsan-Corviam.


  • Formwork and concreting for water intake in the UNELCO hydroelectric plant in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. For Esudio 7.
  • Outlet 650m long and 350mm in diameter at the Mogan port (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria), trench digging, pipe laying and concreting in depths of up to 47m. For Mantenimientos Submarinos Canarios SL, and the Canary Islands' government.
  • The demolition of 340m3 of stone using a rotary drum cutter. Hardness 350kg/cm2, depth 18m in Valle Gran Rey port (La Gomera). For FCC.
  • Outlet of 970m and 200mm in diameter for the Avalos urbanization (La Gomera). Trench digging, pipe laying and concreting in the rocky area and placement of 107 blocks, each weighing 8.8t, in the sandy area. Outlet's final depth being 36m. For Urbanización Playa Fañabé SA.


  • Water leakage inspection in the Barlovento basin (La Palma). For Dragados SA.
  • Laying an outlet of 300m, 250mm and 315mm in diameter in Las Galletas (Tenerife). To a final depth of 38m. For Canaragua SA.


  • Digging of 150m of trench at sea and 100m on the beach in Fuengirola (Málaga) for J.C. Instalaciones Submarinas SA (Jacrissa).
  • Construction of stormwater outlet in Las Galletas (Tenerife). For Canaragua SA.
  • Inspection of the beach area of Almenara (Castellon) for the possible removal of blocks. For Grupo Tragsa SA.
  • Inspected and performed cleaning and filming the seawater catchment basin near the Sagunto regasification plant.


  • Repair and filming of the old outlet tubing in Las Galletas in Arona (Tenerife). For Canaragua SA.
  • Inspection, filming and reporting of the offshore facilities of the Real Club Nautico, Castellón.
  • Construction of block base and block laying in final stretch of outfall and its diffuser area in ​​the Avalos outlet (La Gomera). For Urbanización Playa Fañabe SA.
  • Construction of underwater trench 6m wide and 3m deep at the La Albufereta beach. For UTE Emisario Submarino de La Albufereta.
  • Changing, repair and installation of anchors in the Las Islas Columbretes maritime reserve at a depth of 50m. For Tragsatec.
  • Leak repaired by installing spool in the area of the old underwater outlet in Las Galletas (Tenerife). For Canaragua SA.
  • Construction of 30m trench in breakwater using breaker hammer, for +0.80m to -3.50m for 315mm polyethylene pipe. Port Bañaderos (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). For Saneamientos Marítimos SA and Cabildo Insular de Aguas.
  • Repair and installation 60m of fibre cement pipeline at a depth of 14m in the old outlet in Las Galletas (Tenerife). For Canaragua SA.
  • Cleaning shield guides to seal their compartments. Regasification plant, Sagunto SA, Valencia.
  • Mortar injection in to sacks to support the ship fuel unloading pipeline the buoy area of the Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife). For Oteman SL.
  • Partial removal of water from raft machinery lubricant. For Keraben in Castellón.


  • Underwater outlet inspection in Santa Cruz de la Palma. For Canaragua. SA.
  • Marking of underwater dike area with buoys. Repair beach beacon buoys in Almazora (Castellón).
  • Performing work for mooring of vessels for Iberhansa Maritima SA.
  • Installation and annual maintenance of anchors at a maximum depth of 50m in Columbretes. For Tragsatec.
  • Inspection of underwater outlet in Las Galletas (Tenerife) and previous repair of pipe breakage.
  • Inspection and filming of underwater outlet in Santa Cruz de La Palma, La Palma (Tenerife). For Canaragua SA.
  • Cleaning work in the Sagunto regasification plant seawater catchment basin (Valencia).


  • Installation and annual maintenance of seabed anchors in the Columbrete islands to a maximum depth of 50m. For Tragsatec.
  • Inspections and filming of underwater installations at the Real Club Náutico, Castellón.
  • Securing of moorings at great length. For Iberhansa Marítima SA.
  • The repositioning, securing and placement of counterweights for the principal mooring chains at the Real Club Náutico, Castellón.
  • Placement of cardinal buoys to mark submerged breakwaters at Almazora beach (Castellón). For Grupo Tragsa SA.
  • Collection of fishing traps out of season along the Castellón coast. For Grupo Tragsa SA.
  • Removal of trapped fish from the breakwater at Castellón beach. For Grupo Tragsa SA.
  • Cleaning of sluice gate rails in the seawater catchment basin. For Sagunto regasification plant (Valencia).


  • Installation and annual maintenance of anchors to a depth of 50m in the Columbretes islands. For Tragsatec.
  • Repositioning and securing of blocks along with underwater maintenance at the Real club Náutico, Castellón.
  • Partial extraction of Keraben landing, Castellón.
  • Inspection of underwater outlet in Ciudadela, Menorca for U.T.E. Emissari Ciutadella Nord.
  • Underwater outlet work in EDAR Ciudadella Nord, Menorca for Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo SL.
  • Inspection of anchoring works in the Ribera Norte, Puerto de Mahón, Menorca for EHM Contrata, Dirección y Gestión de obras SL.
  • Inspection of repairs made to underwater outlet in Benicarló, Castellón for Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo SL.
  • Repairs to underwater outlet in Canet for Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo SL.
  • Underwater cleaning of sluice gates in the seawater catchment basin, Sagunto port, Valencia. For Sagunto regasification plant.
  • Seabed restoration for the Tofiño port walkway, Columbrete islands in Castellón. For Grupo Tragsa SA.


  • Work on the wastewater treatment plant outlet in Ciudadella Nord, Menorca for Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo S.L.
  • Laying master chain at Ciutadella sailing club for Massanet Llufriu S.L.
  • Repair ground carriage rails in Ciutadella port, Menorca for Astilleros Llompart S.L.
  • Inspection of vessel inlet valve in Castellón port for Caldemar S.L.
  • Underwater outlet inspection in Canet de Berenguer (Valencia) for Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo S.L.
  • Inspection work of ship's aft joint tubes in Alicante port for Hydrex N.V.
  • Underwater cleaning of sluicegate guides in the seawater catchment basin, Sagunto port, Valencia for Planta de Regasificación de Sagunto S.A.
  • Underwater work to complete new BP moorings in Castellón port, for FCC Construcciones, S.A.
  • Creation of access ramp using underwater digger for BP and Carbonell Figueras, S.A.